Lean Enterprise Solutions

Rapidly evolving technologies and changing global economic and strategic conditions require new approaches to all aspects of an enterprise’s operations. For over ten years MDC personnel have been involved in the application of Lean principles to areas beyond the factory floor. Engineering, product development, service and support, and healthcare are areas were MDC has taken basic lean principles and reinterpreted them for different processes, environments, and customer need sets. MDC uses on-site training courses and unique training simulations to efficiently transmit the powerful, but sometimes difficult, concepts of lean to engineers, managers, and health care professionals. MDC has created lean engineering and lean enterprise training programs and reference materials for a number of global engineering and aerospace corporations, and is currently deploying training relevant to the special needs of the health care industry. The MDC staff also works with the LAI Educational Network to create and distribute open-source curricular materials for university courses and on-line education.