Lean Learning Simulations

Immersive simulations are a uniquely effective tool for teaching complex lessons quickly and enjoyably. They allow interactive, hands-on lessons in lean problem solving and process improvement. MDC personnel have created a series of such simulations. Students are put in charge of a facility: an assembly plant, product development department, medical function, etc. They must work together to achieve an overall goal, but the “current state” is poor, and limited resources are available for improvement. Economic and record-keeping systems create the metrics necessary for improvement, but also create a "paperwork" burden. Students use a series of systematic improvement cycles to target resources and improve workflows to create a lean enterprise. Current simulation modules include Engineering, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Service and Support, and Outpatient Clinic. These modules can be used alone, or combined to create Product development, Healthcare, and Global enterprises. Modules can also be customized or newly created to meet your demands.