Lean Training

Lean, Six Sigma, and other process improvement methods present special challenges for trainers and educators. They are not always intuitive, so simply explaining them does not give students the necessary insight. They are applicable to any process, but the details matter – production, service, engineering, and health-care processes all demand different approaches and tool sets. Poor training has serious adverse effects on process improvement efforts. MDC responds to these challenges with a creative blend of traditional and active learning, immersive table-top simulations, and real process expertise in a wide variety of fields. We have mature courses in basic, enterprise, product development, and health-care lean, and can also help you create custom training materials for your unique needs. Our training has been designed using state-of-the-art, student-centric methods, focused on skilled adult learners whose time should not be wasted. Active learning exercises, simulations, and quick feedback and assessment techniques assure that the training is engaging, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective.