Acquisition Node

The MD7-Pro system can be efficiently expanded by daisy-chaining Acquisition Nodes. Measuring 50 x 40 x 5 mm with a mass of 20 g, the Acquisition Node is a direct replacement for traditional instrumentation such as rack-mounted oscilloscopes and function generators, enabling distributed data acquisition and signal processing. Each Acquisition Node provides a 20 Vpp 20 MSample/sec arbitrary function generator, 6 independent 12-bit channels of up to 50 MSamples/sec with programmable gain up to 500 or attenuation down to 1/500 in addition to 2 Gbit of DDR3 memory. The nodes are potted in urethane to provide resistance to moisture, chemicals, flame and shock loading, and have been designed to pass aerospace EMI standards. The Acquisition Nodes are capable of facilitating high sampling rate damage detection methods (guided wave, acoustic emission, and frequency response) or collecting multiple external pre-conditioned differential voltage sensor signals (strain, humidity, temperature, acceleration, etc).