Structural Sonar Array

The MD7-Pro Acquisition node can accept a large range of appropriately configured sensor bases, which not only provide a mounting interface to the structure, but provide a physical connection to the external analog and/or digital sensors being monitored. Traditional SHM methods require dense sensor meshes to precisely resolve the position of damage, however this drives up system weight and complexity. Thus, in addition to customer specified custom configurations, MDC has patented a standard PZT beamforming array package to facilitate both active and passive structural sonar scans. The Structural Sonar Array can indicate damage event coordinates using a novel sensor design along with an innovative algorithm with minimal information about the material or structure. From a single node position, a probability of damage map can be generated in response stiffness changes detected by an active guided wave scan, or due to the passively captured acoustic response from an impact event. Results from multiple nodes can be combined synchronously and/or asynchronously to enhance sensitivity and resolution.